Friday, April 17, 2009

Heroes of Every Kind

The other day I was in a Toastmaster's meeting. A lady gave a speech on how 9/11 changed her life. She spent years in the airline industry. When 9/11 hit, she was a flight attendant for a company that few private/corporate jets. She often met notable people. When 9/11 hit, she was called upon to do tasks she never thought she would. Places she was flown accompanying FEMA, CIA and FBI personnel. The flight attendants and even the pilot was not allowed to know where they were going at times. They would only be given coordinates. Just fly these people here. She said they were trained to deal with terrorists and the policies for dealing with terrorists had been around so long the terrorists knew them well. They knew how flight attendents would react in certain situations. She said they new about Bin Laden. They had been tracking him for five years. And right after 9/11, suddenly flight attendants were calling in sick. No wonder right? Any way as she described the things she went through those early days after the attacks, it became clear that all her expert training had kicked in. In Toastmasters we are asked to always write comments for speakers. For her I wrote, my belief is God knew who He place in what positions to help guide, keep calm and assist in certain processes. Her training and God given abilities kicked in. Just like Captain Sully's did as he landed the plane in the Hudson.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well I haven't written anything in a while. I'm not used to keeping up blogs. I attended the Firehouse World Expo in San Diego in February. It was low attendance. The basic thing was meeting people though. I met two FDNY members there. One had just been honored as Rescuer of the Year. He was overwhelmed by my display, my posters and memorial memorabilia I had with me. I gave him and his friend the last two hero medals I had. I also met John White. Founder of Fire Fighters For Christ. It was such a pleasure to meet him! I believe I made a few other good connections.

I recently had one speaking engagement - a woman's church group. The same week I had several visitors. I had the opportunity to host a couple Ireland fire fighters - members of Fire Fighters For Christ - at Pelco and give them a tour of the memorial and museum. The weekend following, I had visitors from New York. A gentleman who is FDNY retired and his wife. Local fire fighters helped me honor them. Learning their story more deeply really tugged at the heart strings. The Brownie Lady also came and helped make the time so special. Then she and I hit up some of the local fire houses and did what she does best. Showing love and appreciation to our local bravest.

And that is what I have been up to. May you all stay safe and may God richly bless you.

Time to get back to work promoting.