Sunday, May 4, 2008


Welcome to my blog page for With this blog I hope to keep in better touch with those that view my site. I will post news of upcoming events here that are very close and cannot otherwise be posted on the “upcoming events” page on my website. I will also leave news and other thoughts there.

Also, it is a place where you can write to me. Let me know your thoughts about the book, ask me questions, let me know what you do, etc. If you don’t want such communication posted but want to contact me, there is my contact page as well.

For now I would like you to go to my links page and click on “Ride For Chris.” Jonathan, a Fresno City Fire Fighter is biking for Leukemia research in memory of Fresno County Fire Fighter Chris Johnson. Chris succumbed to Leukemia less than a year ago. He remained as active as possible in the fire department for as long as he could. He had a heart of gold. I hope you will support Jonathan in his goal .

God Bless,