Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's 9/11 again. As one that has written a book on the subject, this day comes harder every year. In the beginning I was so far removed. But I've gotten to know too many too deeply. Two people in particular that I wrote about are having a much harder time coping this year. I'm hoping this is just a difficult hurdle in their healing - a necessary time for them to come to terms with all they have been through. I can only hope. I'm no psychiatrist or psychologist. I've just been given the opportunity to interact with so many personally effected and get to know them and become friends. This has been a difficult year.
And here I am. Someone who "wasn't there" that day - didn't know anyone there prior to that dreadful day. But now my life is so effected. Even though I lost no one, didn't know anyone and wasn't there that day - the 9/11 tragedy has become a part of my daily life. But tonight when I was at Pelco and we were preparing for tomorrow's observance ceremony, I looked around and saw so much to be thankful for. Out of this tragic time, so many friendships grew. I knew no fire fighters or police officers personally prior to the tragedy. But now they are a part of my daily life. That is a blessing. I got hugs tonight from our City Fire Chief Randy Bruegman, Port Authority Chief from New York Anthony Whitaker teased me and gave me hug, Andy Isolano who is FDNY - Retired, now living here in California smiled and waved as soon as he saw me and I received many more hugs from our local first responders.
Also there were local families there who lost sons in this war. I sat with them for a time fumbling for the right words to say. Tomorrow they will each be presented a flag. I am thankful for a place like Pelco that still takes the time to honor them.
I expect the morning to be a lot like tonight however I know I will be more teary eyed thinking of my friends that I know are still struggling. And yet I believe it a blessing to be able to weep with them.
This has not been a very structured blog. Not any real point given. Just talking. I hope everyone will remember the victims and heroes of 9/11 tonight and tomorrow.

God Bless

Sunday, September 7, 2008

September 11 Again

It's that time of year when we again remember the attacks that fateful day seven years ago. My heart goes out to all who were personally effected. My prayers are with you.